Our Story

What started as a desire for self-sufficiency and independence from an over processed life has evolved into a passion to share our discovery - rediscovery - that simpler really is better.

Erica, our "chemist", began researching homemade cleaning products after a simple question from her husband; "What can you make yourself with a few ingredients you can keep onhand?"

Turns out, quite a bit.  And without harsh additives that have questionable origins or health impacts.

Those health impacts were highlighted when Sara Beth, our "artist", suddenly became sensitive to nearly all commercial additives.  It was shocking how many of our everyday items expose us to harsh additives.  Additives we've found to be unnecessary.

Our bath and spa products start with simple ingredients and end with a luxury hard to find in our additive laden world.  With our kitchens as our lab, and our bathrooms the proving ground, we strive for all natural, sustainable and local sources without sacrificing quality.

In fact, if our family isn't using it, it's only because we don't want to share.  From our shower to yours...